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Unlearn x Discover x Grow : Military Green

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This hoodie is made of an out-of-this-world soft, heavyweight cotton-poly blend for maximum comfort.  

Unlearn  x  Discover  x  Grow

This shirt was designed for those of us who have ever been told that we don’t have access to the keys that power change.  Whether that means a lack of ability to change yourself, change your thought process, change the status quo, or impact centuries of backwards thinking.  

This is for the next generation of forward thinkers.  Those who don’t just accept what they’ve been told to believe.  The artists who continue to sound check for an empty group of people.  Those who paint, design, dance, sing, or discover until the sun comes up.  Those who have ever been told they couldn’t make it.

Those who respect those who follow the path of the masses, yet understand the value of creating their own.  This is for you. ❤️

Sometimes for us to take 1 step forward, we must take 4 steps back.  Whatever unlearn means to you;  Welcome to the family. 

This product is a part of the Unlearn Artisan Series.